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6 Wedding Videography Ideas You Need to See

There is hardly an event as grand and as auspicious and celebrated as that of a wedding. People plan for the event for years and when it happens, they want to make sure of the fact that it was closest to what they had planned. The day is not just about two people coming together in a relationship, it is about the conjunction of dreams and lives that they live together, and a day like this needs to be special.

Yes, the occasion in itself is auspicious, and people make sure that they keep with them some memories of the day and the days that led to the happening of the sublime event. In the race of what is the best way to keep these memories close, Kent Wedding Videographer has come up with ideas and imaginations that make your day more special. The idea keeps your memories together and makes sure that happiness is everlasting. So, here are 6 Wedding Videography Ideas You Need to See before you select one:

1- The Love Saga:

The best video idea to keep and cherish is that which captures your moments from getting to know each other to decide to live a lifetime with each other. Capture the best memories together, bring them together, from the day when you first met each other, to the day when you proposed. The days of preparation of the wedding to add your friends and family who did their part in making this wedding possible. The small movies, which will be a collection of pictures and small videos, will make sure that you remember each and every day, each and every moment that let to this wonderful meeting of two beautiful souls.

2- A Music Video:

Pick the song that best defines your relationship with your loved one. Remember the moments that define the line in the song. Let the director know the phases of the relationship. With your story and the creative touch of the director, the music video will be a sensational touch to the memories of you and your partner. The small video will make you remember the crucial parts of your relationship and the love that has kept you bonded together.

3- A Go-Pro Setup:

If you want to make the wedding video super real, then go-pro is the go-to tool. All you need to do is pick up people or maybe a pet, and fix go pros on their head. The super stable cameras will ensure that even while the head is moving continuously the video clarity is not deterred and that all the moments are captured in the most realistic way possible. Make sure the people you select are the ones who mingle with other people the most so that the video has the presence of all the people present there.

4- Stop Motion Videography:

Another unique way of having a wedding video made is to have a stop motion video of the wedding. The video, in this case, is a collection of multiple pictures which are brought together to tell the tale. In this video method, the pictures are continuous, meaning that one picture relates to the other direction. The concept is very interesting and unique and looks lively every time you see it.

5- Interviews:

Another interesting way to keep your memories intact is through the use of interviews in the video. In this format, you and your partner can sit separately and talk the audience through your love, life and experiences. In this way, the video will be able to capture the best moments that the two of you have had together. You can also have an interviewer, who is common to both bride and the groom, to make sure that there is nothing that is missed out.

6- Make a social media collage:

In recent times, everyone is active on the internet. The people tag each other and post the photos and videos on the internet. Before the wedding make sure all the guests know your wedding hashtag so that the videos or photos online are collected under the hashtag. Extract the photos and videos from the internet and then make a beautiful collage of the videos.

A wedding is one of the lifetime occasions. Celebrating it is happiness that cannot be defined because the emotions fall beyond what words can describe. All we can do is make sure that we can relive the moments again. Kent Wedding Videography is one way to cherish and relive the day again.


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