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Five Big mistakes in eCommerce Accounting

While it’s great to have a generation filled with entrepreneurs, the truth is that many of these folks simply won’t succeed. That may sound harsh, but it is true. Especially in the ecommerce world, there are millions of sites that go unnoticed, which makes for brands which go under almost instantly.

You don’t promote your brand

When you’re in the process of producing your goods and building your brand you (ideally) are incredibly enthusiastic and believe that your product is going to be a success. While it’s good to believe in your products, it requires far more than this to develop a customer base. Do not make the common mistake of creating an excellent product and building an excellent website without also creating a marketing plan.

You do not allow for clients to contact you

Big mistake! How will your clients trust your brand if they cannot communicate with you? Not only do you will need to make it understood your clients can reach you; you need to make it as easy as possible for them. Provide multiple channels of service, and also have a well-designed ‘Contact Us’ page with all your info clearly stated.

You are not really connecting with your audience

Finally, a massive mistake ecommerce brands make is they simply are not connecting with their audience. Even social media has gained so much popularity it is not easy to stand out, and with algorithms determining who sees what (including the new Instagram algorithm that prevents pictures from being shown), you’re facing a tough battle to be viewed.

Insufficient Chart of Accounts

The origin of many Restaurants Accounting mistakes can be traced back to the way that records are kept. In particular, the chart of accounts is incomplete, incorrect, or simply an organizational mess. If you fail your chart of accounts or do not take it seriously, if won’t be much help; however, if you take a proactive approach and adopt a system that serves your business’s individual accounting needs.

Miscalculating Cash Inflows

To be clear, gains aren’t necessarily income. At least not immediately. Payments can be cancelled or postponed, so it is best to not count your chickens before they have hatched. It is tempting to record each sale you make as income, in part because success only feels great. Use a conservative estimate so that you don’t spend more than you have, and do not forget to Accountants for Small Businesses for payment fulfillment schedules and continuing debt payments. Being too optimistic about money inflows is an understandable mistake, but a mistake, nonetheless.


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