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How To Better Manage and Use AMZ Suggestions

There is no doubt that the use of amz suggestions in your product listings helps boost your visibility in a crowded space like the Amazon marketplace.

However, there are ways to do this. The role of amz suggestions tools is to provide information and give a set of keywords that customers use when looking for a product.

Now the tricky part is choosing relevant keywords, keywords that actually matter, and when added to your product listings you would rank for them.

These keywords also called ‘Amazon suggestions’ play certain roles in marking and making a particular vendor a best seller on the Amazon space, if only it is properly used.

Not to worry, in this article, we have explained how to do this and what to do with the keywords you generate from an Amazon suggestion expander.

Create A List of Amazon Specific Keywords

To achieve search optimization for your products on Amazon, you need amazon-specific keywords. So, it is not enough to have an array of keywords to choose from, you also have to choose relevant keywords specific to the products you are trying to sell on this online market space.

Always remember, the goal is to make sales and earn conversions. So you must add keywords that would drive valuable traffic to your products.

To achieve this, make a list of keywords that you get from the amazon suggestion expander, make a little research on them to be sure that they are relevant keywords, and then add them to a separate list.

This helps to distinguish between them and use them according to their level of relevancy.

Focus Specifically On Your Amazon Audience

Before you start adding keywords to your products list and using them for optimizations you need to determine who it is you are trying to sell to. Your keywords should be able to successfully target the right audience.

With this said, you should know that the tactics used in SEO optimization in Google are not necessarily the same for Amazon. As everyone on google goes there to research a particular thing or topic, whereas, for Amazon, visitors are more looking for a particular item to buy. That is, they go there with the intent to buy.

Use Backend Keywords

Backend keywords are invisible metadata that your visitors can not see. This is an opportunity to rank higher than your competitors and with the right keywords, you can get your products in the eye of your target buyers and invariably boost your sales.

Usually, these back-end keywords are added to the backend of your product listing and one more thing, do not repeat the keywords used in the products listing. You have to be as strategic as possible.

Additional Tip From Us

It is important that you always know the performance of the keywords you use to make sure they always meet up to your expectations and that they properly optimize your search term.


Now you know how best to use the amazon suggestions you get from keyword tools, it is time to start applying them correctly. It is not too late to make some changes and re-strategize.


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