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How to choose a reliable and licensed online pharmacy in Canada?

Have you ever been tempted to purchase your medicines from an online pharmacy or any other online website? Then you are making a nice move to get assistance with technology. But it is not that simple as it seems to be; you and your family need to follow some cautions when trying to buying medicines online. There are several pharmacy websites over the internet that operate their business legally and provide privacy, convenience and safeguard for the buying medicines.

But Canadian Food and Drug Administration issued a warning that there may be many fake online pharmacies trying to sell the prescribed medicines at high discounted rates without even asking for a valid prescription.  These online pharmacies willingly sell their counterfeit or unapproved drugs without abiding by the rules commonly considered by licensed pharmacies.

These rouge websites have prominent displays like the Canadian flag, fake images of FDA approval. In reality, they are operated by the criminal minds present on the other side of the globe, having no connection with the country or the authorizing agency. The medicines purchased from these websites can be really dangerous as they can put your health at high risk.

How can you determine if the online pharmacy is a legal entity? In this context, you can take the support of the FDA to identify fake online pharmacies.

What are possible signs of rogue online pharmacy? Memorize these signs and stay away from them

  • Allow the customer to buy prescribed medicine even without a valid prescription.
  • Offer medicines at a low price that seems to be too good to be true.
  • Send unsolicited or spam emails offering cheap and counterfeit medicines.
  • The location of the pharmacy is outside the country but prominently offering worldwide shipping.

The medicines sold by rogue online pharmacies can be really dangerous because

  • These medicines might have too little or too many active ingredients you might need to treat your condition or disease.
  • Doesn’t comprise the active ingredient.
  • Contain harmful or wrong ingredients.

In medicines, active ingredients are the only part that ensures the medicine’s effectiveness for curing any condition or illness, intend it is created.  But if any medicine has unknown compounds, it might fail to leave the expected effect and cause something unexpected in combination with other drugs you intake. The counterfeit medication can go an adverse impact or serious health issues to the person, such as intense allergic reactions and much more.

It might be possible that medicines at the rogue pharmacies are not stored properly like. For storage of some medication, temperature control measures need to be taken; if these precautions are not properly taken care of, these medicines will become highly ineffective in treating people.

Know the basic signs to identify the safe and authentic online pharmacy

  • Online pharmacy that asks for a valid prescription from a licensed doctor or health care expert
  • The online pharmacy is authorized by the state pharmacy board or equivalent agency to verify the status of the online pharmacy’s license.
  • Is the service of a professional pharmacist available to answer your medicine-related concerns?
  • If the address provided on the website is real or just an imaginary one from any other country.

Besides this, another way to identify the status of the online pharmacy is to look for the government-approved or verified online pharmacies list. If the website you have chosen to buy your medicine is listed over it, it is certainly harmless to take its services. If you don’t seem interested in carrying out all these detailed procedures, then choose 90-day meds online pharmacy for the support.


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