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Why does chocolate make you happy?

Chocolate makes you happy! But why? Is it due to the ingredients - or a psychological phenomenon? We often hear that there are substances in chocolate that cause this...

My Role as a Youth

DUTIES AS AN ADOLESCENT  With each passing day, you are faced with a variety of tasks that you must fulfill. There are so many assignments...

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What makes gaming fun?

Games are highly motivating. They attract attention and require active involvement from gamer. Gaming is fun, it gives a feeling of tension, gamer's enjoy...

What coffee maker to buy?

Filter coffee machines let’s start from the beginning, i.e. with the filter coffee machines. The taste of the drink prepared with their help is similar to...

Weight – Diet and Health

High body weight is a major problem for Danes' health, as it increases the risk of a number of comorbidities, such as type 2...